Date: Thursday April 6th

Time: 2:00pm - 5:00pm

Price: $75.00

When applicable price includes HST

Program Description:

This session will deal with the W.H.M.I.S./G.H.S. Regulations that are applicable across Canada. It will give a regulatory and up to date overview and discuss the basic elements of a W.H.M.I.S./G.H.S. program. Successful participants will receive their certification card at the end of the session.

Course Duration:  3 hours

The course outline is as follows:

Regulatory overview including:

  • Hazardous Product Act
  • Controlled product regulations
  • Ingredient disclosure list
  • Occupational Health & Safety Act
  • Discuss 3 entry points

Basic elements of W.H.M.I.S.
What is a controlled product?
How to determine if a product is controlled

  • Labeling systems for:
  • Supplier
  • Workplace
  • Consumer

 Discussion and explanations for  Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

 Discuss Selection of P.P.E. (Personal Protective Equipment)

 Film and Test

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